Data from the PV array from December 2010 to October 2011:

Total operating hours: 3,474 h
Accumulated energy yield: 2,142 kWh
CO2 saved:3,641 lbs

The graph below represents the amount of power used by the home from the electrical power grid, as well as power generated by the photovoltaic array and sent back into the power grid. This information is based on CMP electric bills, but does not indicate the amount of electricity generated on site and used immediately, thus not making it's way back into the power grid.


Due to the electric boiler used to heat the radiant floor slab there is a significant electric load in the winter, which tapers off dramatically into the warmer months of the year. As expected, the amount of power sent back to the power grid increased as the amount of daylight increased early in the year, but there was an unexpected drop in the month of May. June also saw a decrease in the amount of power sent back to the electric grid, and July and August both turned in lower amounts than expected. We are currently looking into this issue with the help of ReVision Energy to try to determine if there is a problem with the system, is a result of weather conditions or a problem with the CMP metering.